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Anna & Shannon-Love with Selfish Joy and with Selfless Generosity

When you imagine a real Kentucky wedding, I don’t think it could get any more perfect than Anna and Shannon’s wedding. We started the day off at their farm where Anna was going to get ready. One of the things I really enjoyed about Anna is her expressive personality. She is so full of life and just a lot of fun to be around. At different times during the day, she had me giggling behind my camera with some of the things she said. And when you see the two of them together, you can just see that they are so perfectly matched for each other. All day long, it was smiles and laughter with a few tears of joy. Anna and Shannon chose to celebrate their marriage at Pisgah Presbyterian. This quaint little church looks like it is straight out of the story books; it brings you back to a time long gone and yet you can plainly see it has been lovingly cared for. The minister’s words to Anna and Shannon were so powerful and fitting to their personalities that I knew when I was filming that they would play an important role in this film.
The reception at Keeneland was definitely an event to remember. The room looked absolutely amazing; Jacki, Jaimison and their crew really went all out. Between the martini luge, the bourbon tasting, the photo booth and the band, everyone was having a great time all night long. I don’t think anyone was ready for the night to end. Yet, even Anna and Shannon’s exit was an event. As they drove off, fireworks lined the drive way for an impressive ending to an impressive wedding day.

Ceremony: Pisgah Presbyterian
Reception: Keeneland
Planner: Jacki Allen
Photographer: Kortnee Kate
Make Up Artist: Beauty by Bethany
Flowers: Stuart Hurt
Caterer: Turf Catering
Cake: Martine’s Pastries
Band: Peace, Love & Happiness
Transportation: Gold Shield
Fireworks: W.A.Loeffler Enterprises

Amanda & Steven-A Louisville Wedding at The Seelbach

Amanda & Stephen-A Louisville Wedding Film at The Seelbach from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things about filming weddings is watching the the way that the bride and groom interact with each other throughout the day. Preparation and planning for a wedding day builds up so much anticipation and excitement. Steven and Amanda really let this excitement show through all day. They are both genuinely fun loving and happy people; even more so on this day that they had been waiting on for quite a while. Because Steven is in the military, they had to conduct a long term relationship. Amanda was in Kentucky while Steven was in Texas. The promises they made were even sweeter because it meant that their long separation was over. The church they selected for their ceremony, Third Lutheran Church, was quite intimate and really made for a personal experience for their guests. When the ceremony was finished, the bridal party along with Amanda and Steven, hopped a trolley to downtown Louisville for some photos on the way to the amazing reception in the Grand Ballroom at the historic Seelbach Hilton.

As I was putting Steven and Amanda’s story together, I couldn’t stop smiling. There was so much amazing footage and so many little stories that happened throughout the day, it was hard to select what parts to tell. But I loved that in almost every clip I have of them, they are smiling and laughing and just truly enjoying their day and enjoying each other. It warms my heart when you see a couple and you can just tell that they are perfectly matched for one another. When you see the happiness that comes from simply being together, it makes me so happy for them to have found something so special.

Ceremony: Third Lutheran Church
Reception: The Seelbach
Photography: Fusion Photography
Caterer: The Seelbach
Flowers: Millenium Events
Makeup: Artistry HD

Noel & Kelly-A Proposal Story

I’m so excited to finally get to share this film! Usually, the proposal is a story that you tell verbally, people ask about it and you can tell them the story as you remember it. But when you are in that moment, there are so many things that happen, it’s hard to really take it all in. Noel realized this when he contacted us back in March of this year. He had a very intricate plan to propose to his girlfriend, Kelly, and he knew that he wanted this event filmed so that this one special moment could be shared with family and friends. Noel told me that as a young kid, he had concocted this amazing idea of how he planned to propose. As he was dating Kelly, he would often tell her, “Someday, I’m going to make miracles happen for you.”

Our journey through this process with Noel was so entertaining; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, the whole event hinged on keeping Kelly completely clueless. So, Noel and I had to be very cautious about how and when we spoke to each other. Noel knew that he wanted to ask Kelly at Jazzy Blu in downtown Louisville. This was the club where Noel and Kelly had shared their first date. He didn’t want to make it obvious to her that something was up and he knew that if he made a date out of it, she would figure it out. So Noel enlisted the help of his parents. Kelly thought they were going out to dinner with his parents that evening, so as they were heading out the door to meet them, Noel’s dad called to say they were running late. Since they were already heading out, Noel suggested the idea of heading to Jazzy Blu for a drink to kill time until they could meet for dinner. The plan was perfectly laid out.

Upon arriving at Jazzy Blu, Mogul magazine had it set up to “look” like they were having an event there. Noel and Kelly were escorted to their table and shortly after, they were invited up to dance. You can watch the film to see what happens next, but it was amazing! Noel really created an unforgettable moment for her that is going to be hard to top. It’s such an awesome story, you just have to see it for yourself. Oh, and make sure you watch it through then end; Noel has quite a special talent;)

A special thanks to:
Venue: Jazzy Blu
Models: Mogul Magazine
The Ring: Ashley with Davis Jewelers
Studio space: Studio E Photography

Kari & Michael-A Louisville Wedding at The Olmsted

Kari & Michael Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

There is so much about a wedding day that happens before the ceremony. It’s the anticipation, the preparation, the joy and the excitement. Kari and Michael’s pre wedding events included all of these with a big helping of fun as well. Michael’s brother had suggested that before an intense evening of dancing, they should go out and pamper themselves with a Mani-pedi party. Seeing seven guys in a row all having their toes scrubbed and rubbed and painted was one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen in a while. And the guys were thoroughly enjoying themselves. At the same time, the girls were having a blast with hair and makeup onsite while they were getting themselves primped to perfection. Once Kari was ready, everyone piled into the trolley for the trip down to The Cathedral of the Assumption for a very touching ceremony. The look on Kari and Michael’s face as she was walking down the aisle shows just how much she and Michael had been looking forward to their wedding day. Instead of having a traditional guest book at The Olmsted, Kari and Michael had quilt squares set out for guests to sign. They are going to have these squares sewn together as a wedding blanket; such a unique idea! With a popcorn station, photo booth and kids corner complete with arts and crafts and video games, the reception was really planned so their guests would have an amazing time.

Guys Getting Ready: The Seelbach
Ceremony: The Cathedral of the Assumption
Reception: The Olmsted
Caterer: Masterson’s Catering