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Megan & Jonathan-I Give You My Hand and My Heart and All of My Love with It

Megan & Jon-A Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

I absolutely love it when we come in to a wedding day and both the bride and groom are relaxed and laughing. That means the couple is excited and happy and ready to have some fun. It’s those emtions that really give you a feel for the tone of a wedding day. For Megan and Jonathan, it was laughter and smiles with a few tears of joy all thrown in together. From the moment I met with both of them I knew that they were going to be a blast. I could see from the way they interacted with each other that they were best friends. And who better to marry than your best friend?!
On their wedding day, Jonathan and Megan decided not to see each other before the traditional walk down the aisle. You never really know how you are going to feel when that moment comes. As a couple planning the wedding, you can imagine what it will be like to stand at the front waiting for your bride or as a bride to imagine seeing your groom waiting for you. But there really is no planning for the feelings of that exact moment in time. For some, it can hit you harder than you ever thought possible. It’s that moment that you both have built up and anticipated with excitement and then it arrives; and your emotions just take over. I was so touched by Jonathan’s reaction as Megan was walking up the aisle to join his side. The joy and excitement was just written across his face and it really made me smile. Then with the minister being a close friend and Jonathan and Megan writing their own vows, it was an incredibly personal and intimate ceremony. But with all the touching emotional moments of the ceremony completed, Jonathan and Megan were ready to celebrate with their family and friends at The Gillespie. It was a night that I know they will treasure for a lifetime.

Ceremony: The Henry Clay
Reception: The Gillespie
Caterer: Masterson’s Catering
Photographer: E Motion
Make Up: Chanel at Dillard’s
DJ: Complete Music

Christina & Oliver-I’m Just Really Excited About My Life Going Forward

Christina & Oliver A Wedding Trailer from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

A wedding is a day of celebration. But the celebration is special because of the family and friends who take the time to celebrate with you. For Christina and Oliver, family and friends came from around the country and from across the pond to share in the celebration of their wedding day. The ceremony was held in the Square in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a beautiful background with the massive fountain in the background and the flowers in bloom all around.
One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is toast time. In this time of society, we don’t often have the opportunity to tell those around us how we see them, how they make us feel and how they have impacted our lives. Christina and Oliver had some really amazingly touching and funny toasts given in their honor that I know they are greatly loved my those around them. Some of the reactions we captured were priceless! And to top it off, both Christina and Oliver got up to say some very heartfelt words of gratitude to their family and friends.

Ceremony: Bowling Green Square
Reception: 440 Main Restaurant and Bar
Band: John Crosby and The Rescue Blues
Caterer: 440 Main Restaurant and Bar
Flowers: Deemers Florist