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Misty & Nick-Your Penguin and Your Snuggle Buddy

We had been waiting for this wedding for almost 3 years. I met Misty’s mother at a bridal show back in 2009 and we’ve been working together on this event since then. We were so excited to finally see everything come together. All the anticipation did not disappoint. The Brown Hotel was an amazing venue choice.
Misty and Nick are genuinely a fun couple. I LOVE how expressive Misty is-keep your eyes on her face! And they play so well off of each other that you can see immediately why they chose to get married.
The reception was actually split into two parts. The first half, if you will, was the more traditional entrance with the toasts and cake cutting. While Nick and Misty shared their first dance, an event painter was creating a unique painting of the evening for them to keep. Then Misty surprised her mother by singing to her a very personal song. It was quite touching to see this interaction between mother and daughter.
After a quick wardrobe change, Misty and Nick were reintroduced into the second half of the reception like a football team. It was high energy from this point on. Now usually when it’s time to throw the garter, the bride sits in the chair, but Misty put Nick in the chair and proceeded to sing a special song for him before putting her foot on his lap so he could remove the garter. It was AWESOME! And of course, since they are such huge Colts fans, how else would you throw the garter but to put it around a Colts football and pass it into the crowd. I know that their family and friends will be talking about their wedding day for years to come!

Ceremony & Reception: The Brown Hotel
Design/Florist: Fleur Di Lis Events
Entertainment: Sounds Unlimited Productions
Photographer: Wendy Burke Photography