Misty & Nick-Your Penguin and Your Snuggle Buddy

We had been waiting for this wedding for almost 3 years. I met Misty’s mother at a bridal show back in 2009 and we’ve been working together on this event since then. We were so excited to finally see everything come together. All the anticipation did not disappoint. The Brown Hotel was an amazing venue choice.
Misty and Nick are genuinely a fun couple. I LOVE how expressive Misty is-keep your eyes on her face! And they play so well off of each other that you can see immediately why they chose to get married.
The reception was actually split into two parts. The first half, if you will, was the more traditional entrance with the toasts and cake cutting. While Nick and Misty shared their first dance, an event painter was creating a unique painting of the evening for them to keep. Then Misty surprised her mother by singing to her a very personal song. It was quite touching to see this interaction between mother and daughter.
After a quick wardrobe change, Misty and Nick were reintroduced into the second half of the reception like a football team. It was high energy from this point on. Now usually when it’s time to throw the garter, the bride sits in the chair, but Misty put Nick in the chair and proceeded to sing a special song for him before putting her foot on his lap so he could remove the garter. It was AWESOME! And of course, since they are such huge Colts fans, how else would you throw the garter but to put it around a Colts football and pass it into the crowd. I know that their family and friends will be talking about their wedding day for years to come!

Ceremony & Reception: The Brown Hotel
Design/Florist: Fleur Di Lis Events
Entertainment: Sounds Unlimited Productions
Photographer: Wendy Burke Photography

Sarah & Nathaniel-Your Life Will Not Go Unnoticed Because I Will Notice It

We have had some pretty awesome toasts and speeches this year, but the ones given at Sarah and Nathaniel’s wedding, were very impressive. Sarah told me that she had set the bar very high when she gave her Maid of Honor speech at her sister’s wedding the year before. She was really expecting an awesome toast from Beth and she did not disappoint. Her words made for such a perfect background to the beautiful imagery we had captured during the ceremony at Whitehall. It was a perfect fall day for an outdoor wedding. Nathaniel’s uncle was the officiate which added to the intimacy of the moment. The reception at The Brown was just as beautiful. The evening started with several touching speeches by family members to be followed up by an evening of fun and dancing to the music of the Wendy Reed Band.

Ceremony: Whitehall & Gardens
Reception: The Brown Hotel
Florist: Fleur di Lis Events
Planner: Leslie Jones Weddings
Band: Wendy Reed Band
Photographer: Ross Gordon

Sarah & Jeremy-This Was Somewhat of an Arranged Marriage

Sarah & Jeremy’s Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

Spindletop Hall is one of our favorite wedding locations in Lexington. This beautiful southern mansion is such an epic space; everywhere you look is impressive. Sarah and Jeremy or “Seramy” as their friends call them, are such a fun couple. The day was perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Sarah and Jeremy chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so when Sarah arrived with her dad in a horse-drawn carriage, it was quite magical. When we met with them, they really expressed that their family and friends are an incredibly important part of their lives. As they made their way around the reception room during dinner, there were hugs, laughter and high fives all around. Their first dance was equally impressive as they had taken lessons. Be sure you check out the reaction of the guests when Jeremy dips Sarah:)

Ceremony & Reception: Spindletop Hall
Florist: Ivory Rose Floral
Photographer: Melanie Mauer Photography
Band: Clyde Brown Band
Cake: Martine’s Pastries

Lauren & Scott-You’ve Found Someone to be Your Rock and Your New Dancing Partner

Usually when we film a wedding, we have been chosen by the bride and groom. But with Scott and Lauren living out-of-state, the job of pulling together this incredible wedding fell to Lauren’s mother. We met Lauren’s parents at a bridal show in 2011 and I knew immediately that this was going to be a fun family to work with. They were both so full of life and so very excited for their daughter’s special day.
Although the weather was a little wet, the ceremony was truly beautiful. The rabbi that officiated their Jewish ceremony was very personalized and it added to the intimacy of their ceremony. But as beautiful as the ceremony was, the reception was equally fun. As Lauren & Scott both graduated from Indiana University, they had an IU logo front and center on the dance floor to show their school spirit. Dinner was quickly followed by special toasts, one of which you will hear in their highlights film. Then it was party on as Endless Summer took the stage and really got the whole crowd out on their feet and having a great time.

Ceremony & Reception: The Olmsted
Caterer: Masterson’s
Florist: Fleur Di Lis Events
Band: Endless Summer Band

Tootie & Tommy-I Was There When Tommy Asked Tootie Out, And I Was There When Tootie Said No

Tootie & Tommy’s Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

We had been looking forward to this wedding for quite a while. Tootie contacted us because we had filmed a friend’s wedding and she loved their wedding film! We are always so honored when we hear this. Tootie and Tommy could not have been a sweeter couple. This wedding really had so many details with meaning, it was kind of overwhelming. Tootie’s mother had passed away several years ago. But Tootie and Tommy both really made her spirit present with them on their wedding day. As a wedding gift for Tootie, Tommy had a locket made with Tootie’s favorite picture of her mother. This beautiful locket was added to the bridal bouquet that Tootie carried down the aisle. As you walked down the aisle, there were pieces of logs set and on each stump there was a different photograph of Tootie’s mother along with a note or memory of a time spent with her. Each memory was written by a different family member. Tootie even had them turn all the photographs and memories so that she would be able to see them as she was walking up the aisle to meet Tommy. They had even reserved a seat in honor of Tootie’s mother at the ceremony. It was so incredibly touching.

The minister is a very close friend of both Tommy and Tootie, as you will hear in this excerpt from the ceremony. His words were so very personal and emotional that I caught myself wiping a tear away at one point during the ceremony. In our society today, we rarely seize the opportunity to speak what is within our hearts and when someone does that, it is that much more special. Andrew’s words are ones that I know Tootie and Tommy will treasure for a lifetime. It really put the emphasis on their wedding day on the things that matter. A wedding isn’t just about the dress or the flowers or the cake. A wedding is about gathering up the most important people in your life so that you can share with them the joy and celebration of your wedding day. It will be a day that Tootie and Tommy will remember for the rest of their lives.

Ceremony & Reception: Ward Hall
Photographer: Studio E Photography
Caterer/Bakery: The Twisted Sifter
Flowers: Blooms ‘n Blossoms

Dominique & Johnathan-Never Thought We’d Be Lucky Enough to Have Dominique as Part of Our Family

Dominique & Jonathan’s Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

Dominique and Johnathan’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The Cathedral of the Assumption is so beautiful. I love the painted ceiling and the feel of the church. Dominique and Johnathan had been in the choir together so the choir actually sang a special song for the couple during their ceremony. Sha Fox Events helped them pull this special day together and they made The Rivue look absolutely breathtaking. In Bloom Again provided the flowers and decorations and they really did an amazing job. It was a wonderful day for this couple as they begin their new life together.

Alison & Bobby-Your Harmony Makes Us Smile

Alison & Bobby’s Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

On a wedding day, often couples are anxious and nervous about this big day that they have spent a large amount of time, energy and money putting together. So on the wedding day, when a couple is able to relax and be fun and playful with each other, it always makes for great footage. That is part of Alison and Bobby’s personality; they are playful. They are obviously not only in love, but they love to be together. Just watching them together makes you smile. During their reception, Alison and Bobby’s good friend, Carl, spoke of that trait and how watching them together made people believe in love. His words were so personal and touching that as I was watching and listening to that moment unfold, I knew I had to use his words to share their story.

Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Seelbach Hilton
Caterer: The Seelbach
Wedding Planner: Sha Fox Events
Photographer: Robert Burge Photography
Make Up Artist: Beauty by Bethany
Florist: Nanz & Kraft
Entertainment: Masters of Music
Cake: Mertz Cakes
Photobooth: Funtime Photobooth
Dance Instructor: Let Us Dance

Megan & Jonathan-I Give You My Hand and My Heart and All of My Love with It

Megan & Jon-A Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

I absolutely love it when we come in to a wedding day and both the bride and groom are relaxed and laughing. That means the couple is excited and happy and ready to have some fun. It’s those emtions that really give you a feel for the tone of a wedding day. For Megan and Jonathan, it was laughter and smiles with a few tears of joy all thrown in together. From the moment I met with both of them I knew that they were going to be a blast. I could see from the way they interacted with each other that they were best friends. And who better to marry than your best friend?!
On their wedding day, Jonathan and Megan decided not to see each other before the traditional walk down the aisle. You never really know how you are going to feel when that moment comes. As a couple planning the wedding, you can imagine what it will be like to stand at the front waiting for your bride or as a bride to imagine seeing your groom waiting for you. But there really is no planning for the feelings of that exact moment in time. For some, it can hit you harder than you ever thought possible. It’s that moment that you both have built up and anticipated with excitement and then it arrives; and your emotions just take over. I was so touched by Jonathan’s reaction as Megan was walking up the aisle to join his side. The joy and excitement was just written across his face and it really made me smile. Then with the minister being a close friend and Jonathan and Megan writing their own vows, it was an incredibly personal and intimate ceremony. But with all the touching emotional moments of the ceremony completed, Jonathan and Megan were ready to celebrate with their family and friends at The Gillespie. It was a night that I know they will treasure for a lifetime.

Ceremony: The Henry Clay
Reception: The Gillespie
Caterer: Masterson’s Catering
Photographer: E Motion
Make Up: Chanel at Dillard’s
DJ: Complete Music

Christina & Oliver-I’m Just Really Excited About My Life Going Forward

Christina & Oliver A Wedding Trailer from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

A wedding is a day of celebration. But the celebration is special because of the family and friends who take the time to celebrate with you. For Christina and Oliver, family and friends came from around the country and from across the pond to share in the celebration of their wedding day. The ceremony was held in the Square in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a beautiful background with the massive fountain in the background and the flowers in bloom all around.
One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is toast time. In this time of society, we don’t often have the opportunity to tell those around us how we see them, how they make us feel and how they have impacted our lives. Christina and Oliver had some really amazingly touching and funny toasts given in their honor that I know they are greatly loved my those around them. Some of the reactions we captured were priceless! And to top it off, both Christina and Oliver got up to say some very heartfelt words of gratitude to their family and friends.

Ceremony: Bowling Green Square
Reception: 440 Main Restaurant and Bar
Band: John Crosby and The Rescue Blues
Caterer: 440 Main Restaurant and Bar
Flowers: Deemers Florist

Anna & Shannon-Love with Selfish Joy and with Selfless Generosity

When you imagine a real Kentucky wedding, I don’t think it could get any more perfect than Anna and Shannon’s wedding. We started the day off at their farm where Anna was going to get ready. One of the things I really enjoyed about Anna is her expressive personality. She is so full of life and just a lot of fun to be around. At different times during the day, she had me giggling behind my camera with some of the things she said. And when you see the two of them together, you can just see that they are so perfectly matched for each other. All day long, it was smiles and laughter with a few tears of joy. Anna and Shannon chose to celebrate their marriage at Pisgah Presbyterian. This quaint little church looks like it is straight out of the story books; it brings you back to a time long gone and yet you can plainly see it has been lovingly cared for. The minister’s words to Anna and Shannon were so powerful and fitting to their personalities that I knew when I was filming that they would play an important role in this film.
The reception at Keeneland was definitely an event to remember. The room looked absolutely amazing; Jacki, Jaimison and their crew really went all out. Between the martini luge, the bourbon tasting, the photo booth and the band, everyone was having a great time all night long. I don’t think anyone was ready for the night to end. Yet, even Anna and Shannon’s exit was an event. As they drove off, fireworks lined the drive way for an impressive ending to an impressive wedding day.

Ceremony: Pisgah Presbyterian
Reception: Keeneland
Planner: Jacki Allen
Photographer: Kortnee Kate
Make Up Artist: Beauty by Bethany
Flowers: Stuart Hurt
Caterer: Turf Catering
Cake: Martine’s Pastries
Band: Peace, Love & Happiness
Transportation: Gold Shield
Fireworks: W.A.Loeffler Enterprises