A Special Thank You

I went to the mailbox today, like every other day. When I pulled out the mail, there was a white envelope addressed to Dennis & Erin. The envelope was the standard size for a wedding invitation so I am going through the mental list of family and friends trying to remember who is getting married. Flipping the card over, the return address was one that I did not immediately recognize. Now it should be noted that I am the youngest of 34 grandchildren so, suffice to say, we have a lot of people in my family. In fact, in 2007 we had 7 weddings! I take the card in the house, getting out of the sweltering heat, still at a loss for who it could be from. As I open the envelope and pull out the card, the front of the card is actually a photograph of a cute little bride and groom cake topper. “I’ve seen this before” I think to myself. Then it clicked. It is the exact cake topper from a wedding we filmed last year. Now most people would put two and two together; not me. My immediate thought was, “Oh my gosh, somebody made a knock off of Sarah & Arturo’s cake topper!” (keep in mind I am still expecting that this is a wedding invitation).
Wedding invitation it was not. In fact, it was a thank you note from Sarah & Arturo on their one year anniversary:

It’s been a year and Arturo and I want to again thank you and your husband for the wonderful job you did on our wedding video. Watching it again on our anniversary brought back all those great memories of the day and we’re so glad we have it for the years to come!
Sarah & Arturo

I can honestly say that we have the best couples around and we are honored every time that we are selected to film this most important day of their lives. Our films are what they are because of our couples’ personalities and their relationships with each other and their family and friends. So we would like to wish Sarah & Arturo a very Happy Anniversary and to all our couples whom we have already filmed and those yet to film, Thank You for allowing us to be a part of your day and to capture all those wonderful memories for you. We LOVE what we do!