Micah and Matt-A Louisville Wedding at The Olmsted

Now for something a little different from our last few films. If you don’t at least have a smile on your face when you finish watch Micah and Matt’s highlights film, you may need to have your funny bone checked. I can honestly say that the hardest part of filming with Matt and Micah all day was holding the camera still because Dennis and I were both laughing so hard! I think that anyone could see that these two people are perfectly suited for each other. When we arrived at The Olmsted, Micah was getting ready and I happened to catch her telling the Bucket of Chicken story. As the day progressed on, it was funny to see how many times chicken presented itself into the conversation. But I digress.

Micah had given me a heads up about her and Matt’s outgoing personalities and we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their day. Not only were Micah and Matt fun and a little crazy; their friends and family were the same. We had to be on our toes because there was always someone doing something that we needed to capture. Once the ceremony was finished, all the guests moved into the dining room where Micah’s Uncle Robert gave a very touching blessing over the bread before dinner. Rather than having a huge wedding cake, Micah and Matt chose to have a small wedding cake; complete with His and Hers Yeti cake toppers. After they cut their cake, smaller cakes were taken to every table to share. And there were LOTS of flavors available. I thought this was such a personal touch because guests were passing the cake around and interacting with each other while they were sharing their desserts.

Micah and Matt’s first dance started out like any other but they had to add their own personal spin on it and make it lots of fun. You can catch a glimpse of Matt as he twirls around Micah on the dance floor. The guests loved it! They had selected V Groove to provide the entertainment for their wedding reception. If you have never heard this band, THEY ARE AMAZING!! They had everyone out dancing all night long and they sounded great! I couldn’t help but be impressed when it was time for the Horah. The lead singer told me he’d only learned the words the night before; they’d never performed it before. If you would have been there, you would have never know that V Groove was pulling a first. If Matt and Micah’s wedding day is an indication, 2012 is going to be a blast!

Ceremony/Reception: The Olmsted
Decor: Just Outrageous Events
Photographer: Stewart Hunter Photography
Band/Entertainment: V Groove
Song: “Best Days” Aaron and Andrew
Music Licensed through The Music Bed

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