Noel & Kelly-A Proposal Story

I’m so excited to finally get to share this film! Usually, the proposal is a story that you tell verbally, people ask about it and you can tell them the story as you remember it. But when you are in that moment, there are so many things that happen, it’s hard to really take it all in. Noel realized this when he contacted us back in March of this year. He had a very intricate plan to propose to his girlfriend, Kelly, and he knew that he wanted this event filmed so that this one special moment could be shared with family and friends. Noel told me that as a young kid, he had concocted this amazing idea of how he planned to propose. As he was dating Kelly, he would often tell her, “Someday, I’m going to make miracles happen for you.”

Our journey through this process with Noel was so entertaining; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, the whole event hinged on keeping Kelly completely clueless. So, Noel and I had to be very cautious about how and when we spoke to each other. Noel knew that he wanted to ask Kelly at Jazzy Blu in downtown Louisville. This was the club where Noel and Kelly had shared their first date. He didn’t want to make it obvious to her that something was up and he knew that if he made a date out of it, she would figure it out. So Noel enlisted the help of his parents. Kelly thought they were going out to dinner with his parents that evening, so as they were heading out the door to meet them, Noel’s dad called to say they were running late. Since they were already heading out, Noel suggested the idea of heading to Jazzy Blu for a drink to kill time until they could meet for dinner. The plan was perfectly laid out.

Upon arriving at Jazzy Blu, Mogul magazine had it set up to “look” like they were having an event there. Noel and Kelly were escorted to their table and shortly after, they were invited up to dance. You can watch the film to see what happens next, but it was amazing! Noel really created an unforgettable moment for her that is going to be hard to top. It’s such an awesome story, you just have to see it for yourself. Oh, and make sure you watch it through then end; Noel has quite a special talent;)

A special thanks to:
Venue: Jazzy Blu
Models: Mogul Magazine
The Ring: Ashley with Davis Jewelers
Studio space: Studio E Photography

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