Tootie & Tommy-I Was There When Tommy Asked Tootie Out, And I Was There When Tootie Said No

Tootie & Tommy’s Wedding Highlights from Classic Pixels on Vimeo.

We had been looking forward to this wedding for quite a while. Tootie contacted us because we had filmed a friend’s wedding and she loved their wedding film! We are always so honored when we hear this. Tootie and Tommy could not have been a sweeter couple. This wedding really had so many details with meaning, it was kind of overwhelming. Tootie’s mother had passed away several years ago. But Tootie and Tommy both really made her spirit present with them on their wedding day. As a wedding gift for Tootie, Tommy had a locket made with Tootie’s favorite picture of her mother. This beautiful locket was added to the bridal bouquet that Tootie carried down the aisle. As you walked down the aisle, there were pieces of logs set and on each stump there was a different photograph of Tootie’s mother along with a note or memory of a time spent with her. Each memory was written by a different family member. Tootie even had them turn all the photographs and memories so that she would be able to see them as she was walking up the aisle to meet Tommy. They had even reserved a seat in honor of Tootie’s mother at the ceremony. It was so incredibly touching.

The minister is a very close friend of both Tommy and Tootie, as you will hear in this excerpt from the ceremony. His words were so very personal and emotional that I caught myself wiping a tear away at one point during the ceremony. In our society today, we rarely seize the opportunity to speak what is within our hearts and when someone does that, it is that much more special. Andrew’s words are ones that I know Tootie and Tommy will treasure for a lifetime. It really put the emphasis on their wedding day on the things that matter. A wedding isn’t just about the dress or the flowers or the cake. A wedding is about gathering up the most important people in your life so that you can share with them the joy and celebration of your wedding day. It will be a day that Tootie and Tommy will remember for the rest of their lives.

Ceremony & Reception: Ward Hall
Photographer: Studio E Photography
Caterer/Bakery: The Twisted Sifter
Flowers: Blooms ‘n Blossoms

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