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I was surfing today and found this wonderful blog post by a fellow filmmaker in Florida, Jocelyn Karas.  I thought this would be very helpful to brides in the planning process.  This entry gives wonderful reasons for  placing a priority on a wedding film when you are planning your wedding budget.

“As wedding filmmakers, we are often told by brides that having a wedding film is “not a priority.” There are many reasons why having a lasting high quality film of your wedding day is absolutely vital to reliving your special day forever.
The wedding day is one that, for many couples, passes in a blur. Moments such as the way you moved while dancing your first dance, your father walking you down the aisle, and the sound of your quivering voice as you recite your vows can only be captured in a wedding film. These moments in your film serve as a legacy that will be watched by your children and grandchildren. To quote one of our past brides, “I never realized how important my wedding film would become to me.  My dad who was ill at the time of the wedding was not going to be able to walk me down the aisle. At the last minute he ended up walking me down the aisle. Having the film of that moment with my father and our other loved ones has been priceless to us.”
We hear couples say, “I’ll never watch my wedding film.” If we could only count the number of couples that have called to tell us that they watch their wedding films over and over.  If you choose to hire a company that is not adequately trained or whose editing style you don’t enjoy, you probably will not watch your film. However, if you educate yourself on the cinematic styles that are offered today, you will easily see that contemporary wedding films are entertaining and timeless.  By hiring a professional you are ensuring that every special moment will be captured, it will be professionally shot and edited, you will be able to hear the vows and toasts perfectly (something not easily accomplished without professional sound equipment) and the filmmakers will remain unobtrusive on your wedding day.
We live in an interactive age. With outlets such as blogs and e-mail, couples are able to post their cinematic highlights online and e-mail them to friends and family who might not have been able to make it on the actual wedding day. Many couples display their films in digital picture frames. We live in a multimedia world and having a wedding film engages people in a way that no other media can.
Many of our couples come to meet with us because they have a friend who has told them how much they regret not having a film of their wedding.  No one should have regrets regarding their wedding day. By finding a quality professional cinematic film company, you will have given yourselves the gift of reliving your wedding day anytime you wish.”

After the wedding day is over, the food has been eaten, the band played their last song and the lights have been turned out, all you have to show for your day are the photos, the video and your memories.  Make sure they are good ones!

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